Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday, June 6th 2009

Welcome to Jrbk9 news!

Hey we are just about to start our summer schedual! Which mean news,fun, more news, games,contests and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so When we get a chance to get together we will make a newscast and record it then put it here on our blog instead of all you veiwers haveing to read what we are saying (Basically our scripts.)


JRBK9 news.

TCOJ: Welcome to jrbk9 news where we promise to bring you real and maybe pretend news. Here is TCOB with the news.

hope u tune in for more!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


thanks to all those who read my saturday posts. its been a long week and I am at the draft for football saturday so there will be no wordzzle this week. I will try to have today words out by wednesday but i might have to do 2 next week. thanks


thanks to all those who read my saturday posts. its been a long week and I am at the draft for football saturday so there will be no wordzzle this week. but back next week.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday, April 18 2009

Here is todays word thing.

I did all of the words.prefix, art festival, income tax, chicken noodle soup, jump rope, Dutch Treat, flowering plum tree, bats in the belfry, diamond earrings, tigers book club, organic tea, the cow jumped over the moon, paragon of virtue, wench

Today’s story might be very confusing and not make sense. Just go along with it.
A story of a summary of a fake story.
At the Prefix or beginning of the story a book club went for a Dutch Treat at the Green Bay art festival.
There they meet their arch enemy club The O.T.DC.N.S.E.K. Organic Tea drinking Chicken Noddle Soup
Eating kakapos. So they left and went home to finish their discussion about the book Bats in the Belfry. A story that is considered a paragon of virtue. In that story the cow jumped over the moon by using a jump rope. A wench who only had a pair of diamond earrings left because her cow jumped over the moon
Had to pay an income tax so she sold her diamond earrings and moved in to a Jungle home under a flowering plum tree. Nearby there is a church with bats in the belfry. She becomes friends with the bats and lives quite well in her jungle home till tigers attack. The bats come to her rescue and save the day! The book club loved this book.

The End
This is Todays song Looking For Angels By skillit there is a funny song at the end
with the credits HAVE FUN!.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday,April 11th 2009

Here's today's Saturday word thing.
here are the words

grocery store; ; dandelion; ; scissors;
: iPod; poison ivy; computer; interpreter; optometrist
acrobat ceiling fan bumble bee; alabaster cube ;strenuously chartreuse; ;

“Good evening welcome to bugs-ville Our top story is about our local optometrist and how he strenuously stole the alabaster from inside our very own computer here at lady bug studios. But first here is our very own Shelby comingaroundthemountain with local sports. Shelby?”
( Camera changes to a pretty blue butterfly with a Lady bug holding a microphone.)
“Thanks Bob dontsquishmefly. Miss. Sharon butterfly an acrobat of the traveling circus
did an amazing trick flying over chartreuse poison ivy, grabbing a ceiling fan and landing
with all six legs perfectly on a cube on the floor. It was miraculous! Back to u Bob.”
( Turns back to a small black fly sitting at a desk)
“Thanks. Ok so as you all know our local optometrist trusted by all those hard of sight stole our
very precious town object the thing that represents all us bugs here in bugs-ville. Our town bumble bee Mr. Buzz was on duty when the eye doctor stole it. Here is what he says happened.
(Turns to a video of an interview of a bumble bee with a top hat.)
“I was just sitting on my dandelion listening to my Ipod when I saw the optometrist talking to the
Local interpreter trying to explain directions to the doctors office to some out of town Jitterbugs
When he entered the grocery store. A little over 15 minutes later he came out with some
newly bought scissors came over to me (the bee starts sobbing) and HE CUT MY DANDELION DOWN!!!!!!!!!! So I went in to the office and took out the alabaster.
Only to show mad I was I smashed it. Oh did I just say that out loud? Opps.
(Now there are some big Beatles with cop hats taking the bumble bee away.)
(Then we see the black fly again.)
“Thanks for tuning in. See u tomorrow! Signing off I’m Bob Dontsquishmefly
and good day.”
The End.

Tommrow is Easter Yay!. To see my Good Friday Post go down to my last post.

Todays song is By your side Tenth Avenue North Which has been the number 1 song for 11 weeks on the Christian radio countdown. for picture


Friday, April 10, 2009


Today is the day Jesus died on the cross for us. I have to say even though it is a
sad day its on of my favorites. Usually it gets stormy outside which for some reason
this is the only day I don't mind storms. But as I look outside right now its perfectly sunny and pure blue sky. OH well that doesn't defeat the purpose of the day.

Daily song
Casting Crowns - Who am I Lyrics

My Savior My God By Aaron Shust

Remeber this day God died for you and me Thank you.

Stay tuned tommrow for the word Challenge.

For pics

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday, April 3rd 09

Saturday Wordzzle Challenge: Week 57

Here is my story..........

In a forest of birch trees near Mount Everest a man waits to see what will happen to his plan. His plan is a very complicated plan to the normal persons brain but you see this is no normal person but an artist and not just any artist. This artist is not one who uses a easel and a paintbrush-no- he doesn’t paint portraits he uses fire. He is an arsonist. After this plan he plans on becoming something better and less illegal don’t get me wrong he’s very good at his job and he enjoys it but its not who he wants to be anymore. If only this plan was working . He light the nearest branch- he was hired to burn down the forest because the people who hired him wanted to make some point.- Darn he thought, why won’t my car start? A getaway car isn’t usually the way an arsonist makes his getaway in usually its by foot or food tray or garbage truck anyway when there is not one to see you I guess a get away car is fine only if it works. Yah it works finally! Only to make it to the nearest gas station “uh my car is having some trouble.” he said to the mechanic “Really? its running how else u get here?” “Could you just take a look” The arsonist pleaded.
“ Fine but it will cost, your name sir?” “Ahh William Mac.” The arsonist stumbled out this was really his name in case you are wondering. “ Well Mr. Mac,” started the mechanic
that car needs a new muffler" “That’s it? A muffler?” “ well yah and your popped tire and a burnt out battery” “ How much will it be ?” questioned Mr. Mac “55,500 dollars.”
“what your insane!” Shouted Mr. Mac a little to loudly that the little old lady behind
The gas station cash register woke up and stared at him. “ What yal think this is? A
Slumber party? All that shouting and such be quiet can’t u see I’m nappen? “ Sorry,
Mam there will be no more hassle!” Mr. Mac kindly said before stomping of and
Walking down the road. Who asks 55,500 dollars for a muffler? Since when did
A muffler break down a car? Maybe the battery and tire but 55,500 dollars? Mr. Mac thought angrily as he now is footing it all
The tons of miles back home. After this walk I am going to end up with apoplexy.
Will sighed as he thought of the newspaper article Great arsonist finally caught on
Side of the road suffered from stoke now dealing with apoplexy! He chuckled at
That thought even though right now it seems very possible. Turning in to the drive way at the Hummingbird forest park hotel. Coming up when he entered was a man dressed in a mustard colored suit wearing a name tag saying Brigadier General Tom. “ Ahh… do you know where the lobby is?” Mr. Mac said in a confident voice because if he sounded scared he could get caught. “ Near the shallow end of the pool.” “ Cool thanks.” Mr. Mac hurriedly thanked the Brigadier and ran to the hotel shaped like a parallelogram. On the outside was a doctor obviously full of greed who looked an awful lot like Mr. Mac. Only
To find out that that casual ,yet greedy doctor is his long lost twin who is actually
dead because he lived in the Birch tree forest of Mount Everest that Mr. Mac had just
Burned down. After talking to his twin he only finds out that he two is dead because
It was his twin that hired him to kill himself. Moral: Greed gets you nowhere.
The End

I'm sorry its kinda hard to read it was better in the word document hope u liked it
The song today Is Carrie Underwood So Small(you will have to click on it embeding was diabled sorry :( )